The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is dedicated to serving as a catalyst to foster the exploration of teaching and learning opportunities at Baruch College. Working in collaboration with other academic service units, the CTL focuses on facilitating the development and adaptation of various teaching and learning models, including hybrid/online delivery modes. The CTL brings together faculty from various disciplines to reflect upon pedagogical opportunities and the enabling role of technology in education.

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The CTL organizes various faculty development programs including:

Ed Tech

In collaboration with the Baruch Computing and Technology Center, the CTL supports the development and maintenance of two educational technology platforms.

Blogs@Baruch is an online publishing and academic networking platform for the Baruch College community. It is built on WordPress and BuddyPress, and is used for course weblogs, student journals and publications, curriculum development, administrative communication, and faculty development.

Vocat is a teaching and learning platform that facilitates qualitative and quantitative assessment of a range of media. Faculty and students can upload videos, pictures, and audio directly into Vocat using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Notes and annotations can be added to specific points in a video/picture/audio clip that will appear at the same timestamp for all viewers.

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ZOLE – Zicklin’s Online Learning and Evaluation Initiative

The mission of ZOLE is to promote and support the use of technology to enhance learning. We interpret technology broadly, from courses delivered purely online, to the use of Excel in a traditional classroom format. The unifying theme is the application of new technologies to engage students, build skills, save resources, and advance learning.

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