Anti-racist working group documentary screening

Some staff and faculty are building a working group at Baruch based on anti-racist principles. For Black History Month we showed Episode 1 of the PBS documentary “Race: The Power of an Illusion”: Because of the large turnout for and interest in the film and the issue of race in America, we will be showing Episode 3 of the series, “The House We Live In“.

Movie: Race: The Power of an Illusion, Episode 3: The House We Live In

Date: Tuesday, May 2nd
Time: 12:
30 -2:15 (film starts at 12:30 pm sharp, and is one hour in length. There will be time for discussion afterwards)
Location: VC 2-125.
Episode 1 of “Race: The Power of an Illusion” demonstrated that race does not exist biologically, but why should that matter? This episode, “The House We Live In” focuses not on individual attitudes and behavior but on the ways our institutions and policies advantage some groups at the expense of others. The film illustrates how benefits quietly and often invisibly accrue to white people, not necessarily because of merit or hard work, but because of the racialized nature of our laws, courts, customs, and perhaps most pertinently, housing. This episode demonstrates how real estate practices and federal government regulations worked to deny Black families the opportunity to accumulate wealth through home ownership.
Light refreshments will be provided.  All students, faculty, and staff are invited.

Please publicize widely to colleagues, co-workers, and students. If you have any questions, please contact: