January Course Prep Bootcamp

Meet with the CTL staff to get ready for your Spring semester. Bring your syllabus and questions! The CTL helps part-time and full-time faculty think through: Assignments Experimenting with technology Classroom management/policies Fostering classroom discussion Creating interdisciplinary activities Active learning techniques Low-cost/free course materials Grading Courses in the face-to-face, hybrid and on-line formats are welcome.… Read More January Course Prep Bootcamp

How do I promote inclusivity? How do I promote bipartisanship?

On November 15th we hosted a CTL Conversation, in which faculty came together to discuss the topic of challenging discussions in light of the divisive election. A concern of many faculty was making the diverse voices of the Baruch community be heard. Professor Glenn Petersen from the Department of Sociology writes: “At Baruch, we pride… Read More How do I promote inclusivity? How do I promote bipartisanship?

Academic Freedom

We’ve been approached by some faculty concerned about issues surrounding academic freedom. Here are some resources: Baruch’s Faculty Senate has a Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility: http://www.baruch.cuny.edu/facultysenate/academic-freedom.htm. Here is the PSC-CUNY union’s write-up on academic freedom: http://www.psc-cuny.org/rights/academic-freedom followed by a guide published by CUNY: http://www1.cuny.edu/mu/vc_la/2012/01/02/a-guide-to-academic-freedom/. Other writing on academic freedom suggests that it depends on… Read More Academic Freedom

Challenging Discussions – Ideas for different activities, lessons, and readings

We asked faculty to share their approaches and suggestions. We hope to add to our list here, so if you have any of your own suggestions and thoughts, please post in the comments or email us at ctl@baruch.cuny.edu! If you would like assistance with figuring out how you might adapt these ideas into your course,… Read More Challenging Discussions – Ideas for different activities, lessons, and readings

Preparing for Challenging Discussions

When preparing for a challenging discussion it’s helpful to think about two issues: Encouraging a productive classroom environment Structuring the discourse A Productive Classroom Environment One of the first steps to foster a classroom environment that promotes respect, learning and listening is to establish some discussion “ground rules”. Kieran Morrow, Esq., Baruch’s Chief Diversity Officer/Title… Read More Preparing for Challenging Discussions

This Week: Post-Election CTL Conversations

All faculty and staff are welcome to discuss “Fostering Post-Election Constructive and Inclusive Dialogue in the Classroom.” The purpose of the event is to gather as a community to informally share techniques and resources to foster constructive and inclusive classroom discussion in light of the divisive election. Some of the questions we may collectively discuss… Read More This Week: Post-Election CTL Conversations