NOTICE: Scheduled maintenance will be performed on Blogs@Baruch on the morning of Thursday, February 14, from 8:30 am until approximately 11 am.

You will still be able to access existing content on Blogs@Baruch, but any edits, additions, and updates made during this time will be lost. Please refrain from making changes or additions until we have completed the work. A message will be posted on the Blogs@Baruch homepage once the work is complete.

What is Blogs@Baruch?

Blogs@Baruch is an online publishing and academic networking platform for the Baruch College community, maintained collaboratively by the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Baruch Computing and Technology Center.Students, faculty, and staff members to meet a wide range of publishing needs. The system hosts course sites/blogs, sites for special projects or clubs, and student and staff publications. Blogs@Baruch is built on WordPress and BuddyPress, and is used for course weblogs, student journals and publications, curriculum development, administrative communication, and faculty development.

Why should I use Blogs@Baruch?

Blogs@Baruch offers expanded publishing and website functionality for faculty, staff, and students. Because Blogs@Baruch runs on the WordPress web framework, users can choose between various themes for layout and design flexibility and can request to add plugins to expand site functionality.

Students can build professional or academic portfolios, projects for class, a website for a student club, and more. Faculty members can host their courses on Blogs@Baruch and use their course site to facilitate group work or group discussions before class. There are many ways to use the platform and the CTL staff is available to help get faculty up and running, whatever the project may be. And because Blogs@Bruch was developed here at Baruch, faculty and student input helps to improve and expand the platform.

How are Baruch students, faculty and staff using the B@B platform?

Blogs@Baruch offers various methods of publishing content online. All Baruch Freshman Seminar courses use Blogs@Baruch to document and reflect on their first year college experience. Other students encounter the platform when professors use B@B as an alternative to Blackboard to hose their courses online. A few course examples are below.*

*You must be signed in to B@B to view some courses. All faculty and students have sign in information for the B@B platform; for students it is the same login as campus computers and for professors and staff it is the same login as their Baruch email login.

The CTL also uses Blogs@Baruch for various projects, publications, and faculty development seminars. Other academic service units also host their websites on Blogs@Baruch. A few examples are below.

Faculty Development  and Other CTL programs:

Baruch Academic Service Units:

Wondering how you might use B@B for your course, program, or academic service unit? Knowledgeable CTL staff members are available to meet one-on-one to discuss how you might use the B@B platform.