Checking student understanding with Plickers

It’s likely that most of the people reading this post have used or heard of clickers: in-class polling systems that allow instructors to gauge student knowledge, understanding, or interest in a topic. Whether you use Poll Everywhere, Turning Point, the student-generated Cliqur system, or something else, this technology can be handy for facilitating student-centered, active… Read More Checking student understanding with Plickers

Women’s History Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Thursday, March 9, 1:00-4:00pm, NVC 7-205 Join us as we work with for a Wikipedia-edit- a-thon in which members of the Baruch College community contribute content related to women’s history on Wikipedia, the largest and most popular general reference resource on the internet. In this Women’s History Month session you will learn how to… Read More Women’s History Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Listening, Improv, & Fostering Digital Literacy: Discussion in the Post-Election Classroom

[Note: Sources listed/linked at the end] Last week I was asked to cover a class for a colleague. It was the first class meeting after the election and I was anxious but hopeful about opening up a discussion that would allow all students to voice their opinions and reactions in a calm and respectful way and in doing so,… Read More Listening, Improv, & Fostering Digital Literacy: Discussion in the Post-Election Classroom

Preparing for Challenging Discussions

When preparing for a challenging discussion it’s helpful to think about two issues: Encouraging a productive classroom environment Structuring the discourse A Productive Classroom Environment One of the first steps to foster a classroom environment that promotes respect, learning and listening is to establish some discussion “ground rules”. Kieran Morrow, Esq., Baruch’s Chief Diversity Officer/Title… Read More Preparing for Challenging Discussions