OER Overview

What are Open Educational Resources (OERs)? Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching, learning, and research materials that have been released into the public domain under an open license. An open “intellectual property license…allows for free use, adaptation, and distribution”. This means that OER materials can be re-used, re-purposed, and sometimes “remixed” to better suit the… Read More OER Overview


CTL Basics   Educational Technology The CTL assists faculty and students with various projects. Common requests are below. Click the request to learn who to contact for support. I want to…    

Checking student understanding with Plickers

It’s likely that most of the people reading this post have used or heard of clickers: in-class polling systems that allow instructors to gauge student knowledge, understanding, or interest in a topic. Whether you use Poll Everywhere, Turning Point, the student-generated Cliqur system, or something else, this technology can be handy for facilitating student-centered, active… Read More Checking student understanding with Plickers

Engaging with Sources in the Era of Fake News: Faculty Resource Guide

The Department of English’s First-Year Writing Program and Great Works of Literature have compiled a guide containing resources and assignments faculty can use to teach students how to evaluate and cite sources ethically and effectively. These ideas can be applied to most disciplines.  Click here to view the guide. If you would like some help… Read More Engaging with Sources in the Era of Fake News: Faculty Resource Guide