Challenging Classroom Discussions

The purpose of these pages is to gather as a community to share techniques and resources to foster constructive and inclusive classroom discussions.

Discussion has always been one of the cornerstones of education, and today, more than ever, we sense the importance of what we say and do in the classroom matters.

Classroom discussions can be uncomfortable and awkward. Classroom discussions can be life-affirming and community-building. Classroom discussions can be angering and frustrating. Classroom discussions can be dull and sleep-inducing. Classroom discussions can make us feel powerful and vulnerable. Classroom discussions can be life-changing: Classroom discussions gives us a chance to see the world through another person’s eyes and ask questions.

Although the creation of these pages has been spurred by the recent divisive nature of our election, our role as educators has always been to work with our students and colleagues to collectively research, analyze, share, consider, agree, disagree, create and dream.

At Baruch in particular, we are privileged to be surrounded by so many people with different backgrounds brought together with the common goal of learning. We hope that the resources here encourage the Baruch community to continue our tradition of dialogue and appreciation of our diversity. Below you’ll find a growing list of posts on various topics.

We look forward to having discussions with you!