CTL Hybridization Seminar – Fall 2015-Spring 2016

We are excited to start the CTL fellowship seminar series with the following faculty members.

  • Tatiana Aloi-Emmanouil (Psychology)
  • David Anderson (Management)
  • Sarah Bishop (Communications)
  • Anna Boozer (History)
  • Ajay Das (Management)
  • Stacey Finkelstein (Marketing)
  • Aditya Jain (Management)
  • Laura Kolb (English)
  • Shan Li (Management)
  • Will Millhiser (Management)
  • Loren Naidoo (Psychology)
  • Angela Pinto (Psychology)
  • Justice Tillman (Management)
  • Emre Veral (Management)

We have started the work with our first meeting this month focusing on the role of technology and thinking through the process of hybridization. With another meeting before the end of this Fall, and several more to come in the Spring, we are working with these colleagues on their exciting hybrid projects.

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