Follow Up: CTL’s Summer Workshop on Teaching

On June 17th, twenty four adjunct faculty members participated in the CTL summer workshop on teaching. The workshop was specifically tailored to meet the needs of adjunct faculty members at Baruch and covered topics such as creating a “promising” syllabus, teaching with technology, active learning strategies, and more.
Colleagues from various departments including English, Math, CIS, Management, Law, Accounting, and Marketing engaged in lively conversations and activities that focused on pedagogical practices that varied and exciting learning opportunities. An agenda with links to relevant resources that were used during the workshop can be found below.
CTL staff is available meet and discuss how to use these teaching strategies in your own classes. Feel free to contact us if you would like to explore the possibility of adapting any of these practices and/or if you have any other questions about teaching, learning, and pedagogical resources at Baruch.

Workshop on Teaching Agenda & Resources


Session 1: The “Promising” Syllabus

Presenter: Kannan Mohan, Interim Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning; Presentation

Session 2: Linking Teaching and Technology

Presenter: Laurie Hurson, Hybrid Seminar Coordinator; Presentation

Session 3: Campus Resources Presentations

Session 4: Scaffolding Assignment Design

Presenters: Erin Spampinato, Educational Technology Fellow and Tamara Gubernat, Hybrid Seminar Coordinator; Presentation

Session 5: Strategies for Active Learning

Presenter: Lindsey Albracht, Hybrid Seminar Coordinator; Presentation

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