Grant Opportunity for Open Education Resources (OER)

The Center for Teaching and Learning is in the process of putting together a proposal on behalf of Baruch for CUNY Central to provide support for faculty to develop courses that use Open Educational Resources (OER) to replace textbooks and other high-cost course materials. Click on here to learn more about the grant’s background. Here is the grant: OER RFP. The grant’s deadline has been extended to June 2, 2017. If you would like to be included in this grant, please reach out to us before Tuesday, May 30th by completing the Faculty Interest form.

The RFP appears to be fairly prescriptive. However, we’ve been told that there is flexibility: for example, the Tiers outline examples of proposals and not requirements for eligibility. The main goal of the grant seems to be reaching as many courses as possible. Therefore, they will favor courses that have high enrollments (multiple sections are not required.)

Faculty who participate in the programming to convert their course to a “Zero Textbook Course” according to their example, could be compensated with a $2,500 faculty stipend per course and $15 per student for materials.

Learn more about OERs below. If you have questions or would like to indicate interest in participating this this opportunity, please fill out the OER Faculty Interest form before Tuesday, May 30. Please note, by completing the form, you are not making a commitment. Rather, this is a way in which we are trying to find out who is interested in learning more about the opportunity.

We will also be holding RFP Information Sessions at the times below. You may attend in-person or remotely via WebEx. To sign up, please complete the OER Faculty Interest form.

Tuesday, May 16th at 4pm
Wednesday, May 17th at 4pm
Thursday, May 18th at 2pm
Monday, May 22nd at 1pm
Tuesday, May 23 at noon

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