Multimodal assignments

The following resources were developed by Chris Campanioni, Mary McGlynn, Lisa Blankenship, Robert Greco, and Lindsey Albracht for a workshop on multimodal assignments and assessments.

Multimodal assignments ask students to use more than one of the modalities (i.e., visual, audio, gestural, spatial or linguistic) to create a meaning. In this curated forum, we explore what ways faculty from across disciplines might create multimodal assignments that harness the potential of digital media. Leave with assignments you can begin using this spring. Especially important for all faculty who currently teach or want to teach ENG 2150: Writing II. Come to one or both sessions.

Online Resources:

Multimodality FAQ
Assessing Multimodal Writing


  • Example Remediation Assignment This assignment asks students to remediate a research-based argument into a multimodal project and complete a detailed piece of reflective writing.
  • Second Multimodal Remediation Assignment. Uses a version of the above Statement of Goals and Purposes for assessment based on Jody Shipka’s model in “Negotiating Rhetorical, Material, Methodological, and Technological Difference,” linked below.

Scholarly Articles:

Student Example Projects:

  • “The Hong Kong Identity” From Baruch’s Refract magazine of student writing. This piece is a remediation of a text essay into a digital presentation.

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