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As a follow up to our CTL conversation last week, we would like to share links to various Open Educational Resources. Our conversation introduced some common OER repositories (below) and we discussed ways that faculty can integrate OERs into their course. We also talked about barriers to using and developing OERs; the most common barrier to use is the time consuming process of looking for and vetting these resources for use in class. We also talked about another common issue: sustainability. Many OERs are developed by faculty with little institutional support (sometimes with a bit of grant money) and this makes OERs difficult to maintain, update, and share. These barriers aside, many faculty members have successfully used OERs to support various aspects of their classes and so we would reccommend exploring the links below!

Feel free to contact the CTL Staff if you would like to know more!

OER Background Information:

The CTL has developed the following resources:

  • OER Directory: a comprehensive list of OER sites, sorted by keyword/topic
  • OERs for Specific Courses: a list of OERs organized by course offering (These are examples. If you would like the CTL to prepare a listing for your course or discipline, please contact us.)

Baruch Resources:

Commonly used OER portals:

Other exciting OERs (more in the OER directory, above):

  •  Omeka: a free, open-source publishing platform for the display of library and museum collections, archives, and scholarly collections or exhibition
  • OpenCulture: free cultural & educational media; includes various lectures on a variety of Shakespeare plays, half-hour lectures on works in the Western canon, and a variety of video resources
  • SmartHistory: collection of videos and essays on art and cultural heritage; designed to be engaging and conversational and cover art that ranges from the paleolithic to the present
  • Saylor Academy: resources for full college and professional courses

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