Apply: SoTL Research and Writing Group 2017-18

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is the systematic, evidence-based study of classroom practices or curricular initiatives and their impact, along with the public sharing and review of such work through presentation or publication. Commonly, SoTL researchers frame and investigate questions related to student learning: the conditions under which it occurs, what it looks like, how to deepen it, and so forth. The research developed through SoTL-based inquiry can be used to advance classroom practice within and beyond a discipline; develop new assignment sequences, courses, and programs; and improve our understanding of complex learning processes and their social and ethical dimensions. Examples of SoTL research include studies of online learning and its effectiveness; research into the impact of supplemental instruction, group work, or individualized instruction on student success; or studies of the value of faculty development initiatives.

Starting Fall 2017, the CTL will sponsor a research and writing group to support the development and dissemination of SoTL projects. Participants are invited to share their work with colleagues, exchange ideas and approaches, and get and give feedback. The interdisciplinary group will meet monthly.

We welcome applications from anyone from the Baruch community—faculty, graduate student, staff—who is working on or thinking about a research project related to teaching and learning. Your project can be at any stage of development, from idea formation to data collection to drafting. Sharing your work is not required; however, regular attendance is. In the spirit of sustaining a collegial writing group, we ask participants to commit to attending the full series of meetings. Applications should be submitted by Monday, September 18.

Meeting Dates

All meetings will be from 12:30-2:20pm. Lunch will be served.

Fall 2017

  • Thursday Sep 28 in NVC 14-280
  • Thursday Oct 19 in NVC 14-266
  • Thursday Nov 9 in Library 763
  • Wednesday Dec 13 (reading day) in NVC 14-266

Spring 2018

  • Thursday Feb 15
  • Thursday Mar 15
  • Thursday Apr 19
  • Thursday May 17 (reading day)

Questions? Contact Professor Cheryl Smith at


Deadline to apply is Monday, September 18th. Click here to apply