OER Overview

What are Open Educational Resources (OERs)? Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching, learning, and research materials that have been released into the public domain under an open license. An open “intellectual property license…allows for free use, adaptation, and distribution”. This means that OER materials can be re-used, re-purposed, and sometimes “remixed” to better suit the… Read More OER Overview

Grant Opportunity for Open Education Resources (OER)

The Center for Teaching and Learning is in the process of putting together a proposal on behalf of Baruch for CUNY Central to provide support for faculty to develop courses that use Open Educational Resources (OER) to replace textbooks and other high-cost course materials. Click on here to learn more about the grant’s background. Here… Read More Grant Opportunity for Open Education Resources (OER)

OER Resources

As a follow up to our CTL conversation last week, we would like to share links to various Open Educational Resources. Our conversation introduced some common OER repositories (below) and we discussed ways that faculty can integrate OERs into their course. We also talked about barriers to using and developing OERs; the most common barrier to use is the… Read More OER Resources