Technology Pilot for Poll Everywhere and VoiceThread – Apply by Jan. 16

All faculty are welcome to apply to participate in a pilot using the classroom response system Poll Everywhere and/or VoiceThread for multimedia discussion forums. This pilot is being led by Prof. Kannan Mohan, who has received a project grant from the Provost’s office to look at how these technologies might impact teaching. Pilot participants will receive access to one or more of the technologies. In exchange, participants in the pilot will be asked to provide feedback.

To apply, answer this short questionnaire ( if you are interested in participating in a pilot program to try one or both of these in one or more of your classes. Please respond before January 16, 2017 so that there is enough time to get everything ready to start using these technologies this coming spring semester.

Faculty who have been using the clickers that the college has provided from TurningPoint are particularly encouraged to apply for the PollEverywhere pilot. TurningPoint is changing its business model. Up until recently, Baruch was able to purchase the hardware of the clickers and could then lend them out free of charge to our students. The company is shifting this model wherein they will now charge a software licensing fee of over $30 per student. In addition to the high price, the college’s funding source for the college does not allow the purchase of software for individuals. Therefore, TurningPoint’s new business model would require faculty to pass this cost along to the student. While the older clicker software still works in our classrooms, it seems like a matter of time when we upgrade Office it might stop working without purchased licenses. This has prompted us to look for alternatives. As part of this grant, Prof. Mohan is working on studying how Poll Everywhere might fit our campus’s needs.

Faculty who have been using discussion boards (on BlackBoard) and/or Blogs@Baruch might find the VoiceThread pilot of interest. Typical discussion boards (blackboard’s and others) support text-based discussions. VoiceThread helps introduce voice in discussion forums.

We may be able to run this pilot during spring 2017 and/or Fall 2017 semesters. Please choose the ones that might fit your needs.

For further questions, please contact Prof. Kannan Mohan at

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